Belaboring the Obvious

Monday, April 10, 2006

Just a little about the blog title, okay?

Posts here will probably just speak to what should be obvious to everyone (except for those of the right wing who desperately seek to deny reality, and therefore, to deny the obvious).

There will be occasional drifts into the past, when life was closer to normal than in the Bush years (nostalgia for better times is not the sole province of the right--old hippies yearn for simpler times, too).

There will be ads, even though I hate them, generally, but that's a consequence of using someone else's servers at low cost. When I figure out how to get rid of the deodorant stuff and sign up for more progressive ad services, I'll do it. For now, just click through or ignore them. I do.

But, the emphasis here is on politics and our future... and maybe a bit of snark about what the Bushies are up to.

We're in critical times and every voice opposing the right wing is necessary. If we don't get pissed about what these people are doing now, we won't have a chance to get pissed about what they do later.

We're all in this together, and talking about where we're going is a good thing. Period. Whining for the days when racism was normal doesn't count, nor does hoping for fascism in this country, even if that fascism is clothed in abject love for George W. Bush. Fascism didn't go over very well in Europe in the `40s, and it won't play well here now--even if Dubya thinks otherwise.

More later, and, hopefully, more focused on events of the day. Welcome everyone.


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