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Monday, October 02, 2006

It's a Full-Time Job...

... just keeping up with the excuses the wingnuttery on the right are manufacturing for Denny Hastert not investigating l'affaire Foley.

James Dobson of Focus on the Family thinks the fault lies in an "oversexualized" society.

The eminently predictable Matt Drudge blames the victims, those 17-year-old "beasts" working as pages whom, he intimates, were teasing and seducing the poor old doddering congressman.

The inflated and eminently over-inflatable former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, apparently speaking from personal experience with scandal, thinks Hastert didn't speak up out of fear of being labelled a gay-basher. (That one, given the rabid right's obsession with bashing gays is probably the howler of the day.)

Bush's own Tony Snow tried (and failed) to pass off the Foley business as nothing more than "naughty emails."

Hastert, in the meantime, has been doing Sgt. Schultz impressions like he's never, ever missed an episode of "Hogan's Heroes" and is, today, doing his damnedest to waddle his fat ass in the general direction of the exit while pointing his finger at people "leaking" emails and intimating that the scandal was sprung on him for political purposes.

Foley, himself, is conveniently incommunicado, having checked himself into a detox center for alcoholism for an indeterminate stay. In Florida. Most likely Clearwater, FL.

It's like a three-ring circus and the clowns just shot the ringmaster with the lion tamer's pistol....


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