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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

About Bush's Lie-Bury....

Bush wants to raise half a billion dollars to construct his preznidential library and to house his "think tank." To paraphrase Coleridge, "in Dallas did Bobblehead Bush, an unseemly treasure-dome decree...."

The first thing that comes to mind is that, if this library is intended to, in any way, create some verisimilitude of Bush's actual presidency, they'd better drop the "think" from in front of "think tank" for at least two obvious reasons.

The second thing that pops into my head about this is that if he can raise 500 million smackers for a library to house a few hundred signing statements written by David Addington and an interminable catalog of photos from his photo-ops, imagine how much money he could pull in for his criminal defense fund....

Will there be an Abu Ghraib horrors exhibit in the basement, like the dungeon at Madame Tussaud's in London? Will there be a diorama of the Ninth Ward, under water?

Will the infamous preznident-choking pretzel have a little glass case of its own?

Will all the wealthy Saudi sheiks want their money back if Bush and his administration are
impeached, indicted, thrown in jail, and therefore cannot act as special consultants to Carlyle? And, if Bush is impeached, indicted and convicted, will his library have to call visiting days something else?

If no future president rescinds Bush's Executive Order 13233 limiting access to presidential papers (and that should be task one for any future president), can the Bush Library actually be called that? Shouldn't it more properly be called the Bush Presidential Papers Mausoleum?

Will the copy of My Pet Goat read by Bush on the morning of 9/11 have its own special shrine?

How much will the Disney Animatronic figure of Barbara Bush cost, and what will she say when greeting the bored, unfortunate visitors to Shrub's colossal $500 million monument to limitless deception?

Finally, if Bush gets his own library, won't the helmsman of the sinking Cheney Administration want one, too? And how much would that white elephant cost?

(title credit must go to Realist in the comments over at Pensito Review)


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