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Friday, September 28, 2007

A Confederacy of Dunces....

From what I read and hear, a number of the front-runners for the Dem presidential nomination sort of waffled on the issue of getting troops out of Iraq.

They even said, well, maybe, uh, sort of, maybe, we might not be able to get them out even by the end of our first term, not by 2013.

Okay, Dem dorks. There was a change in both houses of Congress in the 2006 election because the public is plain fucking fed up with this misbegotten war. They voted for a change in leadership with the expectation that Dems would stop the war, one way or another.

Now, morons, guess what you did? You just told the entire American voting public and the rest of the world that George W. Lying Through His Teeth Bush is right.

And, you told us that you are feckless. worthless. corporate-ass-kissing. shits.

It's really embarrassin' trying to promote Democrats these days. Truly, it is.

What benefit is it to us that the Dems will drive this country into the ground a little more slowly than the Republicans?


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