Belaboring the Obvious

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Real judges eat Big Macs and super-sized...

... fries....

Via TPM:

He confirmed, saying, "a source I spoke to said people were discussing that her [speech] had brought attention...she intimates that what she eats somehow helps her decide cases better."

Yes, indeed, those wild and wacky right-wingers are implying that Sonia Sotomayor's decisions might well be affected by eating pigs' feet and chickpeas. I mean, everybody knows, it's all those peppers that those hot-blooded Latin types eat that makes them unpredictable and volatile.

Well, I would hope that anyone on the Supreme Court wouldn't be distracted by gnawing hunger while hearing cases. But, that might be the full extent to which I would worry about what goes into a Supreme Court justice's gullet... unless we're talking about Scalia--in his case, we ought to be keeping a close count of the babies in his neighborhood.


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