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Sunday, September 06, 2009

One of these elections coming soon...

... the Democrats will discover the results of enforcing party discipline for all the wrong reasons and toward all the wrong ends....

Van Jones gets the boot because he called Republicans "assholes?" C'mon. Most sane people know that the average Republican today would fuck a woodpile if he thought there was snake in it.

Van Jones gets tossed because he's one of a third of Democrats who believed that the Bushies sat on their thumbs and intentionally let 9/11 happen? Well, after a thoroughly compromised 9/11 investigation run by Kindasleezza Rice's BFF, Philip Zelikow, and eight years' worth of the sort of horrors we saw from Bush and Cheney, who wouldn't think they were capable of such a thing, or, at the very least, that a non-political, impartial new investigation is warranted?

Or, was it that Van Jones was a founding member of Color of Change, which initiated an advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck's program on Fox News after Beck charged Obama with being a racist? (It's an extremely effective boycott, by the way, which, to date, has caused the flight of fifty-seven advertisers from his little shit-flinging fest.)

This is an administration that's done everything in its power to kick progressives to the curb in favor of a neoliberal program designed to maintain the status quo, rather than initiate the changes that will get the country off to a better start in what promises to be a very tumultuous century. A significant part of that better start is to recognize and undo the damage caused by the Bush administration, rather than compound it.


  • We can pressure conservatives. Make some calls.

    Boycott Tyson Foods of Arkansas who gave Mike Ross $37,000 for his campaigns. Call lobbyist for Tyson Foods Chuck Penry 202 393 3921 and tell him politely that you refuse to buy Tyson chicken until Mike Ross D-Arkansas the leader of the Blue Dogs on health care gets the entire house and senate conservative Democrats to help get HR 676 enacted into law. Tell others to call. Send me email after you call to

    Boycott American Express who gave Max Baucus $50,000 for his campaigns. Call Joanna Lambert at 212 640 9668 and politely tell her you will not use any American Express cards until Max Baucus gets HR 676 enacted into law. Email me after you call.

    spread the word.

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