Belaboring the Obvious

Monday, December 14, 2009

For a Monday...

... there's been more goatfucking going on than usual. To wit:

There's little Joe, strutting around like he won the Presidency in 2008. (Shorter Joe LIEberman: "I have the soul of the rat, the face of a basset hound, the brains of a flatworm, the tactics of a mafia don and the stature of a toadstool. Go fuck yourselves.")

Then there's the Judiciary colluding with the Bush Obama Department of Justice to kinda sorta, y'know, ignore the Constitution, international treaties and all common sense.

Then there's the tribe of brain-damaged goatfuckers over at Fox, who think that cutting the minimum wage and raising CEO pay is going to bring us back to economic health....

And, are we making progress at COP15 in Copenhagen? The goats bleat "oooh, fuck, noooo."

And, then there's Michael Steele, one of Washington, D.C.'s best-dressed goatfuckers (hey, this guy wipes his dick on the goat's pelt when he's through) saying that it will be all rainbows and roses if we get rid of the capital gains tax and cut the unemployment insurance tax.

Lotta stressed-out, morose goats out there for a Monday....


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