Belaboring the Obvious

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Positing the possibility...

... that the entirety of the country's leadership went insane after 9/11:

BARONESS PRASHAR: Thank you. Lord Prescott, when did you personally first become aware of the discussions between the President and Prime Minister that might lead to the removal of Saddam Hussein?

RT. HON. THE LORD PRESCOTT: Well, I think the first awareness was when I visited the United States --

BARONESS PRASHAR: That was when?

RT. HON. THE LORD PRESCOTT: Just a couple of days after 9/11... in going to America at that time I talked to a number of my senator friends, Democrat ones, and I was absolutely surprised to find them talking about an aggressive attitude, that Iraq was unfinished business.

One of my own friends for 25 years, Senator Chris Dodd, I said, "Chris, how can you be expressing this?" He said, "It is unfinished business. We have to sort it out".

One of these days--and likely too late for it to matter--we're going to figure out that our country, whose leaders incessantly protest that we are peace-loving, is the most internationally belligerent in the world.


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