Belaboring the Obvious

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a note about The...

... Donald. C'mon, folks, he's not serious about the job. Here's why: If he were to win the Preznidency, he'd have to give up control of his "empire," and he's not about to do that, because the trustees might discover that he's been doing everything from check-kiting to bribing S&P ratings analysts, and, lordy, lordy, lordy, he doesn't want any of that coming out.

He can't let other people run his business while he's playing Prez, first, because that would be an ego-deflator, and second, because they might discover what he's been up to.

Nope, the headlines will read, "Trump Dumps Jump," or, perhaps, "Chumps Dump Trump." Something will cause him to bail out. This guy is defined by his own definition of his self-worth--in dollars, real or imaginary.

No job is worth giving that up--even the Presidency.


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