Belaboring the Obvious

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's always a good thing to know the other team's plays...

... even better than they know them themselves.

Bloomberg News
cites Stephen Rademaker in this inordinately deceptive headline: "Iran Could Make Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days"

Josh Marshall notes here that Rademaker works for Robert Joseph, who's the ideological soulmate of and successor to John Bolton in the State Dept.'s arms control shop.

However, doesn't this "sixteen days" nonsense sound suspiciously like the repetitious claims in Septermber, 2002, that Iraq was ready to deploy its WMDs in "45 minutes?"

Knowing that the propaganda then is approximately the same as now is like knowing the other team's plays (and, for once and for all, for those who are still uncertain of the fact, we are being propagandized).

Knowing the plays, knowing the style and content of the propaganda is one of the ways to slow this march to a war that no one wants but a few of the clinically insane in the White House.


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