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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When Generalizing From a Particular...

... becomes a disease... or worse. We've had that, in spades, with l'affaire Foley these last few days, not to mention a good deal of sophistry to explain the significance of the generalizations. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council wants us all to conclude from this business that "tolerance" is the real criminal here:

We are all shocked by this spectacle of aberrant sexual behavior, but we shouldn't be. This is the end result of a society that rejects sexual restraints in the name of diversity. When a 16-year-old boy is not safe from sexual solicitation from an elected representative of the people, we should question the moral direction of our nation. If our children aren't safe in the halls of Congress, where are they safe? Maybe it's time to question: when is tolerance just an excuse for permissiveness? [h/t Orcinus]

Gay Republican congressman chases teenaged boys? The whole country is depraved and rampant permissiveness (read: acceptance of gays) is the root cause.

Patrick McHenry, a representative from Kentucky with dubious motives and correspondingly questionable logic, decides that, apparently, since politics is just full o' dirty tricks (not a mention of which party has the post-doctoral CV in that regard), top House Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel should testify on what they know about the leak of the documents to the press leading to the Foley scandal. Maybe if McHenry read the news before opening his mouth wide enough to swallow a Big Mac whole....

George W. Bush may be the worst of the bunch in this regard. Someone didn't get killed in Iraq today? Oh, well, then, overall, things are going great! Bush's approval ratings are in the toilet and people in his own party are running from him like he was a junkie with AIDS trying to share a needle with them, but someone is letting him pick Republican pockets behind closed doors once in a while? Ah, then, that spells success in November. If the country doesn't want the CIA torturing suspects, well, by god, that means we can't interrogate anyone, even humanely, and the terrorists win. Americans just want FISA law followed on internal spying, why, that will prevent Bush from spying on anyone, and gawdamightyohshittheterroristswillkillusall, sez George.

Cheney is running neck and neck with George in that regard. If there's a one percent chance of Iraq having WMDs (although 99% of the evidence says no, they don't), we have to wage an all-out war and invasion against them and kill hundreds of thousands of people--just as if they did. If Cheney forgot just once, in 248 public events, to mention a link between Iraq and al-Qaeda, he simply won't tolerate being accused of lying about linking the two.

Folks, it's gone way past the point of just grumbling about a disregard for nuance on the part of these bozos. When faulty logic climbs into bed with hyperbole, the resultant child is hysterical nonsense, and its godparents are lying and denial.


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