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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Republican Election Transparency....

Lessee.... The Mittster has boundless energy and limitless reserves... according to one of his sons.

Then, of a sudden, Willard Mitt is overcome by a cold, and decided early this week to lay low in Utah.

Now, TBogg thought that these two stories juxtaposed was a sign of incipient bullshittery, but he didn't have this latest news at the time. Now, had the Mittster just wandered off into the heartland, in search of more campaign funds, and then streaked back to Utah, then, my goodness, someone might have figured out that he was there to attend the tri-yearly Council for National Policy (CNP) meeting and make his promises to the powers that be, so that they might anoint him and fund him. But, the CNP has some queer notions about secrecy--no press, no advance announcements, no reporters anywhere, anytime. Except, this time, someone dished about both Cheney and Romney attending.

This is nothing accidental. Bush also met with the CNP, during his first campaign, and the group's fetish for secrecy held. There was, supposedly, a videotape of Bush's speech to the group, but neither his campaign, the CNP nor the White House has released it or a transcript.

The CNP is a mélange of right-wing wackos, crackpot billionaires and religious extremists, and without its approval, life gets tougher for a Republican (no Democrats need apply), if only because of the intertwining of the power of the religious right voting bloc and the serious money available to the immorally afflicted. There's no question that CNP meetings are much more than a salon for demented dominionists and the morally handicapped--the several hundred attendees have serious media access through proxies, even more serious political clout and very, very serious money. That's why they don't want anyone on the outside to know what they're doing, when they meet, or what they decide among themselves.

The CNP can't make a candidate all by itself, but there's likely no question that it can unmake a contender--without making a noticeable ripple in the electoral pond. And, that's probably why the Mittster faked a cold--so that he could address the CNP without attracting the sort of notice which would not amuse them.

Wonder if Mitt is wondering if the advance notice of his appearance has already doomed him?

If, a couple of weeks from now, Mitt is broke and is looking as if he'd be willing to sacrifice the lives of two or three of the older of his sons for the Presidency, we can, probably, safely say that it didn't go well....


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