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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Just a short note on...

... the troubles of Francine Busby and her supporters in San Diego. The sheriff's deputy in question, one Marshall G. Abbott, whose actions seem to have precipitated the unrest, rather than minimized it, is what in Michigan is called a "corn-fed bowser."

Deputy Abbott appears to be not too bright, and seems to have too tight a grip on his, uh, nightstick.

If the San Diego County prosecutor continues with indictments for resisting arrest, I predict that not only will the accused be exonerated by a jury of their peers, the ensuing violation of civil rights case judgment against the county will probably set records, and the taxpayers will end up paying not only for this incompetent cop's haste and presumption of right to violence, but for the prosecutor's office defense of the indefensible, as well.

Sensible governance dictates that rogue cops such as Abbott be removed from the force, rather than be, effectively, defended by the prosecutor's office.

I'm mostly surprised that the idiot deputy didn't draw down on the perps with his taser, too. They were, after all, very dangerous middle-aged lesbian Democrats, probably seeking the overthrow of San Diego County as we know it.

Maybe he can get some moral support from good ol' Duke Cunningham. [snap!] Oh, too bad, Abbott, the Duke won't be out of prison for some time yet. Hey, that's why there was a fundraiser for Francine Busby there in the first place, right?

The big question in this is very simple and direct: do we want a nation run by corn-fed bowsers?

I would have thought that the conviction of Duke Cunningham and the 2008 election settled that question, once and for all.

Uh, no, we don't.


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