Belaboring the Obvious

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, yes, NPR toes the imperial line...

... in this little piece, which tries to describe the Afghanistan war in terms of a simple conflict between us (U. fuckin' S.) and the rest of NATO, in which we and NATO are having a few small spats in the matter of who runs that war.

The undershot of the report, of course, is why we're accelerating an unwinnable war while our "allies" in NATO are saying, well, WTF, and yet, the NPR reporter in Brussels can't quite bring herself to say, outright, that our allies think we're just a bunch of right-wing warmongers for trying to ramp up this stupid fuckin' war in a place where empires go to die and we can't seem to figure that out, no matter the warnings our "allies" keep giving us about doing so.

And, no, that's not what those allies have said, outright, but, it's the unspoken subtext, which the NPR reporter is loathe to explain in any way that might actually put the U.S. position in a bad light.

The war against brown people goes on, left-wing bitches. So there, says NPR. And, furthermore, the Lakers are gonna win.

Jaysus, these yo-yos get very, very tiresome.


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