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Monday, June 08, 2009

Dumber than dirt....

I'm not sure if this is a sign of the end times for conservatives, or if they sincerely think this idea has merit.

It's as if these "free market" gasbags just haven't thought it all through. The raw facts are these:

a) The free marketeers in GM management, beginning with Roger Smith, did their utmost to drive the company into the ground, mostly by thinking their real businesses were marketing and finance, rather than designing and building cars, and by studiously ignoring the obvious.

b) Had the "free market" had its way, GM's creditors would have forced it into Chap. 7, gotten out the long knives and carved it up, never to resurface again, had the government not bailed it out.

c) GM could not be run any worse by the government than it has been in recent times by the yokels chosen by its board of directors.

For better or worse, GM represents a significant chunk of the non-defense industrial sector in this country, and a ton of suppliers are dependent, in part or in whole, on GM's business. Those businesses represent pretty much what's left of manufacturing in this country, and if GM goes down the tubes, they do, too. Thousands of metal-stampers, heat treaters, diemakers, makers of forgings, upholsterers, design facilities, etc., go by the wayside.

Many of those businesses are going to be necessary to reinvigorate industrial capacity (something that's sorely needed after the truly nasty screwing that the financial sector has given the economy), and many are going to be essential in building a greener industrial sector.

But, major-league right-wing dickheads like Hewitt and Limbaugh think it's more important to see Obama fail--along with the rest of the country. What the both of them know about the automotive business you could put in a thimble with room left over for their penises.

Why the mainstream press pays any attention at all to these feebs is beyond me. They're not contributing to the debate. They're just doing what they do best--passing gas. Maybe in the grand era of the Bush Depression, that qualifies as news.


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