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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Does Lamar sense something slipping away?

Via ThinkProgress, we find that Lamar Smith (R-Wacko, TX) is forming a new bipartisan group (composed of, yes, a dozen Republicans) to monitor the "liberal" media.

Smith, of course, knows that there's no such thing as the "liberal" media, but, he, like many other GOPers, knows that their propagandistic bullshit has been shown, over the years, to be a huge pile of big and little lies, which the media have dutifully repeated as truth, and that the public is growing rather tired of it all.

For that reason, he surmises that the only way to correct that obvious problem is to turn up the Wurlitzer's volume. We shouldn't be surprised (or even annoyed) at this tactic--it's just what the right wing in this country does. The press will pay attention to Smith's little ploy, and thus give it much more weight than it deserves, further proving the utter ridiculousness of Smith's basic premise.

What is actually bothering Smith and his cohort is that the propaganda machine isn't quite as well-oiled as it was in the heyday of the Bush administration--that shoveling shit into the minds of ordinary Americans is proving to be a bit more difficult than it once was. After all, ordinary Americans are actually feeling and sensing the effects of believing these right-wing yahoos for so long--job losses, home foreclosures, 401(k)s on a rocket-powered handbasket ride to hell, state budgets and services in severe decline--and they're less inclined to be quite as credulous as they were not so long ago.

Therefore, Smith is desperate to return to the wholly artificial status quo of a few years ago, and his way of doing that is to jump up and down and wave his arms in the direction of the very news outlets that he derides.

If there's an actual "liberal media" out there, the least it can collectively do is to ignore this pea-brained excuse for a legislator and his manufactured outrage. But, it won't.

The media just can't resist an opportunity to let the right-wing crazies shit on them, just to prove--mostly to themselves--that they are not something they've never really been... "liberal."


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