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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why am I not surprised?...

Just as the latest fresh horror of the Bush/Cheney administration comes into view, who else but Karl Rove pops up to explain why it's just no good to give Congress any information at all. On Bill O'Reilly's execrable tv show, Rove says:

ROVE: Look, it’s interesting. The CIA briefed Congress to this, I guess, in June. And the Congress immediately leaks it. That, itself is, a violation, I think, of several statutes and indicative of why it is so dangerous to give Congress information.

Of course, that's a load of horseshit, because the initial news accounts of it came from anonymous intelligence officials, not members of Congress.

Rove, of course, is a fat-faced little proto-fascist, and because he is, he's a master of disinformation and distraction. It used to be a good trick--shifting attention from the moral cretins (of which he was one) in Bush's White House to the Congress--but, let's hope that people are catching on to that one and aren't as easily fooled by it.

Still, it reinforces the point I've been trying to make in the last several posts. When we can't know--because of a hopelessly corrupted classification system--what the government is doing in our name, with our money, then representative democracy is in intensive care and not expected to pull through.

And when a shifty little weasel like Rove hides behind that same classification system to shield himself and his corrupt bosses and the horrors they've dreamed up from scrutiny, you just know the system is class-A fucked. Only makes it worse that it gives him an opportunity to jab a stick in the ass of the people's representatives, lame as they may be.


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