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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A word to the wise in Iran....

Guys, there are people in this country and Europe that would very happily use antagonistic words alone to excuse massive attacks on Iran, the moment that Iran tries to assert its independence.

Some of that is due, of course, to the fact that Iran has oil and gas that the West wants, but, as much or more than that, those forces in the West want to capture yet another big market--they want to make money off the 80 million or so people in Iran.

Keep on pretending you're the equal of the U.S., and you're going to have your collective head handed to you. You spent nine years fighting a third-rate country like Iraq, which the U.S. captured and occupied in three weeks (although, yes, the insurgency has gone on for six years, afterwards).

Ahmedinejad is probably your principal problem--he's just spewing shit toward the West that will only piss off the West. He thinks that's smart. All he will accomplish is getting many innocents in Iran killed.

When it comes to this sort of schoolyard bullshit, the best thing is to say nothing, except to be truthful and open and honest to the IAEA. Yeah, I know, you want to have your own fuel stream to reactors. Once you commit to nuclear power for electricity, you're stuck. If the rest of the world somehow manages to create terms which can interrupt your refueling cycle to those reactors, you're fucked.

So, Iran, why the fuck are you fooling around with nuclear reactors? Russia convince you it's a great thing to do? It would cost you less to invest in alternative and renewable energy for the same or greater benefit, and you'd avoid the hassle.

Iran, your freedom is intimately associated with going green. Cheaper, easier, and free from the inevitable threats from the West when nuclear matters are in question.

If energy independence is the ultimate goal, just do it. Do it in a way that no one in the rest of the world can reasonably say is a threat to them.

Save your people from the craziness of the right wing in the West. Go green.


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