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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Megalomania defined....

Mini-Cheney on Fox News Sunday just brushes up against the idea of her father running for President in 2012.

Let's just get this idea of hers (his) in proper perspective right away. Cheney is stupid. Crafty, but, stupid. By even the most constricted definition, he's a war criminal. When Junior's approval ratings were in the toilet and headed lower, Cheney's numbers were even worse than his.

He's the most anti-democratic politician to come along in many decades. His obsession with secrecy borders on the pathological. He's a consummate liar. He's as corrupt a politician as we've experienced since the days of the robber barons. In virtually every way that the Bush administration fucked up over the course of its eight-year reign of terror, Cheney was smack in the middle of those obscenities.

But, just ignore all that for a moment. He would be 72 years old at time of inauguration in 2013. He's had four, possibly five, heart attacks. His black, shriveled heart has more electronic gear attached to it than does a spy satellite. He's been treated for deep vein thrombosis. He's a germ freak and never traveled without his trusty nuclear-biological-chemical warfare suit, even when just going from his residence at the Naval Observatory to the White House compound. And he has a tendency to drink, at inappropriate times and levels.

There are certainly plenty of contenders for the title, but, hands down, Cheney is the most amoral, ruthless and power-mad person in the country today. Think Nixon cubed. The Republicans are stupid and greedy enough that they would make him their front-runner in 2012, given that the current crop of contenders are just silly and/or irrelevant, and Cheney knows this (he might even be cultivating this crop of doofuses, behind the scenes, in order to improve his chances).

Would the American public give this monster serious consideration in 2012? Sure, if there were some fear-provoking event that he could exploit. After all, by hook and by crook, Cheney and Bush were put into office twice before. A Cheney run for President would be the ultimate act of cynical opportunism, a blatant assertion of the country's collective short memory, but, after eight years of his Presidential puppeteering, it would be in character for him.

If Cheney does run in 2012, and, god forbid, wins, I do hope--though it's a perishingly small consolation--Obama will recall that he had ample opportunity to prevent such a calamity, in two specific ways. First, he could have opened government, as he promised, to expose the enormity and scope of Bush's and Cheney's crimes, and second, he could have chosen to uphold the law and prosecute them for those crimes. That he has done neither of those things only improves Cheney's chances.


  • And let's not forget that Iran only has a nuclear program because back in the 1970s, a couple of clowns from the Ford Administration convinced the Shah to start one, so he would 1. buy a lot of expensive American technology and 2. export more oil. The clowns were named Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

    By Blogger Buttermilk Sky, at 9:33 PM  

  • Ah, yes, that's quite true, although I suspect that there were more clowns than just those two involved in that decision. :)

    As well, I would guess that, even if the Iranian revolutionary government had not discovered the Iraqis' program, once the Israelis bombed the Osirak reactor in 1981, the jig was up, and the Iranians would have thought seriously about a nuclear weapon in the context of the ongoing war. That war, in itself, was the reason for their burying so much of their essential nuclear power production facilities.

    But, your point is well-taken.

    By Blogger Montag, at 10:03 PM  

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