Belaboring the Obvious

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ah, I see Robert Gibbs is expressing...

... his frustration by punching hippies again.

We've been told, again and again, over the years, that the President's press secretary is his official spokesperson to the press and the public, that the press secretary's views channel those of the President.

How closely, then, does Gibbs' tacky little tantrum track the views of the President himself? Because if that's the way Obama thinks about the people that worked very hard to get him into office, he's going to discover how little the fatcats' money helps when his base has abandoned him.

And, oh, yeah, if Gibbs/Obama think the Pentagon/militarists/right wing are their pals, and the great unwashed masses are the problem, it's time to sit down, shut up and think about which of those two entities has more to do with getting the country into the fiscal and foreign policy troubles in which it now finds itself, and which is more responsible for the intractable nature of those problems.

If Obama doesn't like the comparisons of him with Bush, he can stop promoting and perpetuating Bush's policies and wars. RTTT is little more than embroidery on the foul cloth of Bush's NCLB. Leaving 30-50,000 troops in Iraq permanently as "non-combat trainers" and filling the combat gap with mercenaries is just more of the same, not a departure from Bush's war policies. Back-room deals with sleazy assholes like Billy Tauzin are exactly like Bush's and Cheney's secret energy task force deals with the oil companies. Expanding unchecked state surveillance powers is fundamentally authoritarian, and in keeping with Bush's policies. Creating legal loopholes to further Executive power and sidestep the courts and the Constitution is what Bush and his fellow right-wing authoritarians did. Treating Wall Street banksters like aristocrats is what Bush and his Treasury secretary did.

If Gibbs' remarks are a window into Mr. Obama's current state of mind, there's no question now why Obama chose to not prosecute Bush and Cheney and their cohort for their many crimes, large and small. He's behaving just as they did.


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