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Monday, December 04, 2006

Welcome the Battle-Weary Home... for keeps, if possible....

Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana says:

"There is a lot of battle fatigue among members, probably on both sides of the aisle," said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), usually a reliable conservative firebrand. "Contrary to popular belief, members of Congress are human beings. They have a certain shelf life and a certain amount of energy to be drawn on. We're tired."

Hmm. Would this be the Congress that spent less hours on the job and got even less essential appropriations legislation done than the infamous "do-nothing" Congress of the Truman years?

Yes, indeedy. The very same. Mike Pence has been smelling his own farts for waaaaay too long. If these bozos are tired out, it's because they've been putting in overtime protecting their own asses from being prosecuted, or spending all their time pushing a conservative social agenda for the country that no one but the craziest minority of their supporters want them to pursue.

Tired out? Gimme a fuckin' break. These guys do less real work than a grifter in a Tammany Hall sinecure. Yeah, they may be tired from all that kissing contributors' asses in a desperate attempt to hang onto their titles and their perks, but, real work? Not on your life.

But, Mike, tell you what--if you're just not up to it, if you're getting a case of the vapors and need to lay down on the fainting couch, just let me know. I'll be happy to fill in for you. I've been out of work for three years. I'm full of pep, vim and vigor, piss and vinegar. Just let me know if you're too tuckered out to go on, and I'll be happy to take over your job, your salary and your responsibilities. And get some real work done.


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