Belaboring the Obvious

Friday, August 03, 2007

Nutso Stuff....

Congress seems to be doing everything it can to bend over backwards and shove its collective head up its collective ass because Bush threatens them--if there's an attack in August while they're off in the hustings, it will be the fault of Congress because they didn't give Bush whatever he wants.

Nutso. Guys and gals of Congress, it's very simple. Give Bush the finger and go home for a month. If there's an attack in August, it will be because Bush fucked up--again. He has the entire Executive Branch of government at his disposal. What he doesn't need is more power, and every sentient being in Congress ought to have that tattooed on their foreheads, backwards, so they can see it every morning when they look in the mirror.

Obama doesn't want to nuke Afghanistan and Pakistan over terrorists, and Hillary Goddamned Clinton says: "Presidents should be very careful at all times in discussing the use or non-use of nuclear weapons. ... I don't believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or non-use of nuclear weapons."

Nutso. In the contexts discussed, nuclear weapons are the ultimate in collective punishment. If Clinton can't figure that out, she ought to get the fuck out of the politics business. And, it's not one whit different than what the insane morons in the Bush administration have been saying for five years.

Bush gave a private hearing to ten right-wing radio hosts, and they all came away talking about how "sunny" and "optimistic" Bush was about his last months in office.

Nutso. All of `em. If Bush has any reason to be optimistic lately, it's because the Democratically-controlled Congress hasn't made him nearly as miserable as he deserves to be. There's a really simple fix to that. Every time Bush thumbs his nose at a subpoena and claims executive privilege, just send out the US Marshals at the direction of the House Sergeant-at-Arms, pick up the people who are refusing subpoenae and put them in a DC district jail until they comply.

And, if Congress really wants to make a point about how happy Bush is, set up a special committee with Dennis Kucinich in charge to do investigations for a Resolution of Inquiry. That's not impeachment, but, rather, an inquiry to determine if charges of impeachment should be brought. It's what the public wants, and it's what Congress needs. That's the venue where most of the crap against Nixon came to public consciousness. Bush is way, way overdue for some of the same treatment.

By definition, if we never correct Executive Branch abuses of both the processes and the politics of the country, we invite the next demagogue to do the same. Period. No one yanked Reagan's ticket, and now, many of his thugs are back again, doing the same thing. What's next? We've got federal TSA people doing random pat-downs at fucking bus inner-city bus stops. The next President might decide that summary executions for resisting those pat-downs might be justified.

The public can help by not succumbing to the fearmongering in which the Repugs regularly engage.

Can't live in fear and also be among those in the "home of the brave." That's the sort of psychological oxymoron that will make you nutso.