Belaboring the Obvious

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blanche Lincoln calls out her enemy on its...

... attempt to throw her sorry ass out:

"Just like the far right, I think the far left also believes that you've got to be with them 100 percent of the time or you don't meet the test," Lincoln told the paper. "I don't think there's anybody that you're going to be with 100 percent of the time -- not and be true to your constituency. My first commitment here is to Arkansas." (h/t TPM)

Blanche, fer chrissakes, get a clue. There is no "far left" in this country. You and your conservative friends have been marginalizing anything resembling the left for at least sixty years, and the above is one sorry fuckin' excuse for doing the bidding of the big corporations.

The last sentence I would tend to characterize as a gigantic lie, repeated endlessly, except that Blanche obviously does have Arkansans' interests at heart, because to her mind, Arkansas = MallWart.

Thanks to "Democrats" like Blanche, Arkansas is about a half-step up the economic ladder from Mississippi. Halter certainly will be only marginally better than Lincoln. There should be no illusions about that, but, any improvement is welcome over the corporate shill that is Blanche Lincoln.

But, shit, lady, just cease and desist with this "far left" idiocy. It's no more truthful than saying that politicians are never influenced by the money they get from big contributors. There's never been a far left coalition in this country's national politics. It's a figment of the John Birch Society's imagination (and yours, too, apparently). Hanging around Searcy ain't good for yer sanity.

Friday, May 07, 2010

We're going to need the disclaimer...

... "I swear, this is not from the Onion" a lot more frequently in the days ahead.

Of course, we were assured that backscatter x-ray wasn't very revealing, and that the operators at TSA would be absolutely professional in its use.

Yeah, right.


... it seems that Eric Cantor's "idea factory" is a bust. He claims Democrats killed it.

I thought that's the way the free market worked--if a factory can't produce a product, let alone one the public will buy, it closes down....