Belaboring the Obvious

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

After a long hiatus...

... there is only this to say: Methinks that the RNC has chosen--given the recent elevations of Newticles and Limpballs as party spokesfreaks--that they be represented by fat-assed serial adulterous blowhards without the will or capacity to generate a single, new, workable idea to fix the country's current problems.

All the better, say I. Right now, the RNC is (due to both pilot error and bad engineering) an airplane on fire, without power, in an inverted flat spin, losing altitude at a precipitous rate and soon to augur into a dry gulch of irrelevancy.

Both Newtie and Rushbo are little more than fat men in search of a balcony.

The Repugs have always tended toward fascism, and now that they're on the outs, they're going whole hog toward the demagogic right. Go fer it, dudes. The country's already left you behind....


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