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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Waters Run Deep...

... and only in one direction....

So, John Yoo is using his new column with the Philly Inquirer to chase off his detractors, and to make broad distinctions between conservative empathy and liberal empathy....

So, what's new? Yoo is still a partisan hack, same as always. Anyone, including Yoo himself, who thinks Yoo would have written for a Democratic President the same memos he did for Cheney, et al, creating a Constitutional dictatorship for Bush and ol' Fourth Branch, is just plain nuts.

Being in the OLC was excellent cover for Yoo. He can always wrap himself in the supposed neutrality of that office in order to defend his clearly partisan actions (although there never will be any defense for his one-sided and duplicitous memos on torture), but, no one should be fooled. He's just another conservative hack and shyster lawyer, to boot, and always has been.

I wonder if they have Blackberry service in the cells in the Hague? That way, Yoo can fulfill his contract with the Inquirer after Spain indicts him. After all, the conservative GOP is all about the rule of law. A contract is a contract, y'know.


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