Belaboring the Obvious

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lewis Carroll Would Understand This...

... reversal of reality....

Sen. Kit Bond (R-MOron) thinks bringing torturers to justice is just like what happens with show trials in "banana republics."

Uh, Kit, let's back up here and define terms. "Banana republics" are where dictators torture people to obtain false confessions, and then the torturers use those false confessions obtained by torture in show trials to condemn the tortured for political purposes.

Get that, bozo? Your buddies in the Bush administration were the torturers....

It's not exactly complicated, is it, Kit? I guess that means either you have the IQ of cold oatmeal, or, you're hoping that we're all too stupid to notice that you're turning the issue upside-down for a transparent political purpose.

Oh, wait a minute. Those two arguments are not mutually exclusive. My bad.


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