Belaboring the Obvious

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Okay, look, I know Ted Kennedy's got...

... brain cancer, he's not doing too well, and he probably needs to take some time for himself, but, come on... why hasn't he kicked his niece's ass around the block, just for drill?

Her husband, Schwarzenegger, is a thoroughly unpleasant little shit (well, I can say "little" because I'm fuckin' bigger than he is), and he's just a shill for the wealthy in California who would rather see the state fall into the sea than pay a penny more in taxes.

Does Maria Shriver think that Ahnold is a really nice guy that she'll eventually be able to reform, with a little more time? C'mon, Maria, he's a couple of weeks away from being sixty-two fuckin' years old. He's an aging fuckin' movie star with an ego problem and damned little in the way of brains, not a clone of John Kenneth Galbraith. For Chrissakes, he doesn't have an economics degree from a notable school--he got a degree in sports marketing (a program he created himself) from Superior State College in Duluth, MN. He's not an economics wizard. Even you, dear heart, can figure out that he doesn't know shit from Shinola about running the eighth-largest economy in the world. Geez.

He's not only stupid. He's an asshole. He always will be. His father was a Nazi, and he's one, too. He's fucked California, and there are rich people who would love to amend the Constitution so he can fuck the country, as well, for their benefit.

Ted, get that prescription for some amphetamines, take a handful, and kick Maria's bony fucking ass around the biggest block on Martha's Vineyard.


Your niece is like a Stockholm syndrome victim of the worst Republican in the country. She'll thank you for it later, and so will the country.


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