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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About this woman, Palin....

I've pretty much stayed away from Palin the phenomenon, but, now that she's back in the media's eye because she has a heavily ghost-written book released, I suppose it's now time to weigh in on Scary Sarah, the Alaskan mooseketeer.

We have the sorry-assed Senator McCain to thank for making her a media phenom, first of all. Had not Johnny Crash-and-Burn picked this dweeb as a running mate, she would have dissolved in a hail of ethics complaints while the erstwhile governor of the least-populated state in the country.

We also have the mainstream media, always desperate to emulate The National Enquirer, for elevating her well beyond her station.

And, we have Scarah herself, anxious to make of herself much more than she actually is. If this paltry excuse for a human being were my mother, it would have been a toss-up whether I left home forever or murdered her with an axe. I guess her children have more tolerance than do I.

She's a fake, a phony, a hypocrite, a liar and a consummate self-promoter.

Should I care? Only to the extent that she might, one day, have some influence on my life as an elected politician. She's stupid, vain, and thoroughly unqualified for any office superior to that of director of garbage collection in her tiny, insignificant home town of Wasilla, Alaska. Even then, grifter that she is, Wasilla better keep an eye on her, in the event she might use that office for personal gain.

So, why should I be concerned? Because the idiots in the Washington, DC, media see her as "news." They'll keep this moronic halfwit in the public eye as long as they can, will spin her ground-level ignorance and her stratospheric stupidity as "relevant," will make her the political equivalent of Michael Jackson's long-overhyped death. She's the Aimee Semple McPherson of the new century, except with Christian witch doctors.

The longer the media strokes this whining excuse for a human being, the more dangerous she becomes, the more the Christian right sees her as their defender in the vicitimization sweepstakes, the more the populace accepts her drivel as truth, because it's easier and simpler to digest.

So, let's be plain. This horrible woman is a cancer on the body politic, and everyone other than right-wing wackos (because they're helpless and hopeless) needs to have their heads examined if they think, for a moment, that this brain-dead religious fascist, this minor-league beauty-queen runner-up, has the slightest interest their welfare. What she really wants to be is Anita Bryant with clout someone else gave her.

She's a chancre on the ass of democracy.

And, that's all there is. Oh, yeah, except that she hates to hear people complaining. I mean she really hates it.

Thus endeth the lesson.


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