Belaboring the Obvious

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Because We Are Men...

... and not beasts, we can decide what is best for ourselves. We can make decisions to make war, or peace, at our choice.

Because we are men, we can decide to share our thoughts, our wisdom, our discoveries, or we can horde our knowledge and use it for the advantage of profit of the few.

Because we are men, sentient beings, we can foster the artificial divisions among, such as religion, or we can reject them.

Because we are men, with desires beyond the utterly material, we can share our art, our music, our literature, or we can use those things to divide us.

Because we are men, we can break the bones of the "others" we can devise to divide us, or we can heal each other.

Because we are men, we can do anything we desire. We can destroy each other, or we can leave each other alone, or we can cooperate with each other.

Perhaps, after we ruin each other for profit, or a particular notion of god, or some ideology borne of divided and mistaken loyalty, or a desire for power, we'll see the idiocy of such single-mindedness. But, probably not. We aren't that smart.

There is nothing at issue but the choices we make. Nothing.


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